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About Us

Noble Foundation, a charitable institution registered under the Companies Act of 1956 as a non-profit-making company, was set up in 1995. Under the chairmanship of Shashi Verma, a chartered accountant who spent almost a decade researching the scriptures, it has dedicated itself to disseminating the wisdom of God. The Foundation brings the wisdom that can free mankind from all diseases, including cancer, AIDS, diabetes, hypertension and mental disorders.

With this aim Noble Foundation has been conducting workshops and seminars, and publishing relevant literature for the past ten years.

Following are a few publications of the Noble Foundation:

The Answer

Published in 1999


Published in 1995

Recently under the auspices of Noble Foundation, Quest Publications has brought out a path breaking book

You are God – The Bhagavad Gita as never before

that puts forward the highest wisdom given by Lord Krishna in a simple and straightforward manner. It reveals that it is possible for man to be free from old age and death and become immortal.

Noble Foundation’s headquarters are located at New Delhi, India.

Noble Foundation
E-20, Lajpat Nagar – III
3rd Floor
New Delhi - 110024